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Welcome on New Kaley-Fan.Com. The Website is now available in English and French. Thanks to Xella from Vanity Designs for this beautiful version with this photoshoot. You can select your language in the header.

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Last night aired the 14th episode of season 6 of TBBT, The Cooper/Kripke Inversion . Another success for the series moves ahead of the competition including American Idol with over 17 million viewers.
Discover the screencaps of this episode that I found particularly hilarious! In addition, Sheldon will make a big confidence to Penny (I do not say more …).
Always talking about the series, Briana Cuoco ,Kaley’s sister, appears in episode 16 (the one st-Valentin).
Other news: Kaley will deliver a award at The Grammy Awards 2013 on 10 February (don’t forget). And finally, a new ad for Priceline has been posted.
See you Sunday night for the biggest show of the year, the Superbowl, or we remind you that kaley will be the stars for Toyota Commercials.


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