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Hello. “The Big Bang Theory” cast cover “People Magazine (september 19-29). Check in out !

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“Everybody’s got their feet on the ground, so it doesn’t feel that much different than day one,” star Simon Helberg, 33, tells PEOPLE in its new issue, on newsstands Friday.
What began as a series about four lovable brainiacs and the women who love them has blown up into the most popular sitcom on television today, but the show’s stars, along with Helberg – Johnny Galecki, 39; Jim Parsons, 41; Kaley Cuoco, 28; Kunal Nayyar, 33; Mayim Bialik, 38; and Melissa Rauch, 34 – say they aim to stay as normal as possible.
“You learn who to talk to, where to go and how to act,” says Cuoco, adding that she has developed a simple strategy of her own: “If you don’t want to be photographed, don’t go to The Ivy, and wear undergarments when you go out!”
By and large, the stars say they much prefer takeout food and each other’s company, anyway.
“A lot of us hang out. It’s just a close-knit group,” says Rauch, who frequently spends time with Parsons and his partner, Todd Spiewak, and Helberg and his wife, Jocelyn Towne. “Kaley is the best at throwing parties. Mayim’s the deep thinker, and Kunal is a big giggler. We all get along, and it’s a nice family feel.”

For interviews with every single star of the show and much more on their loves, lives and bond, pick up the new issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday

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Hello. I’ve added 3 new stills from The Big Bang Theory 8X02 “The Junior Professor Solution”. Check out!

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Hello. I’ve added new stills from The Big Bang Theory Season 8 premiere “The Locomotion Interruption”. Check out!

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Season 8 picks up 45 days into Sheldon’s head-clearing, cross-country train excursion, and all is not well. “His belongings have been stolen and he needs Leonard to come pick him up in Arizona,” previews showrunner Steve Molaro. Making matters worse, he returns home to an angry girlfriend. “Amy’s not pissed at him for leaving, but she’s certainly not thrilled that when he ran into trouble he called Leonard instead of her.” Leonard, meanwhile, will find that money changes (almost) everything when fiancée Penny puts her failed acting career on hold to work as a pharmaceutical sales rep at Bernadette’s company. “It alters their dynamic because now she’s actually doing well financially,” says Molaro. “It’s a new chapter for her.” Elsewhere, Howard is aghast to discover that Stuart has now become Ma’s permanent caretaker. And expect to see a lot more of Raj’s new girlfriend Emily (Laura Spencer). “We’re going to explore more of her personality,” he teases, “and what she’s really like.”

BONUS SPOILER | A Howard-Bernadette baby will not “be happening anytime soon,” maintains Molaro. “We’re not in any rush to have a baby on the show.

RETURN DATE | Monday, Sept. 22 at 8/7c (CBS)

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Big Bang Theory fans won’t have to wait long to find out where Sheldon ended up after disappearing on a train in last season’s finale. CBS has just revealed that he’ll be somewhere very hot when the long-running comedy returns this fall.
Sheldon had a hard time adjusting to so much change in the finale, which included Penny and Leonard announcing their engagement, Sheldon being unable to change his field of study at work, and the comic book store burning down. The uber-geek decided to hop on a train so he could clear his mind. Where did he end up going?
On the season premiere, Leonard and Amy will have to take an unexpected road trip to Arizona to pick up Sheldon. By the second episode of the one-hour premiere, he’s already back in Pasadena and is forced to teach a class, which Howard actually enrolls in.
As for the rest of the gang, it sounds like Penny being hired at Bernadette’s company as a pharmaceutical rep will cause some tension between them, which allows Amy a chance to play both sides. Oh, and Howard will naturally get weirded out by Stuart’s budding relationship with his mother.


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