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Many of us have seen the new batch of Priceline commercials, which pair William Shatner (as “The Negotiator”) with The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco (as The Negotiator’s daughter).

The latest ad, released this week, finds the duo in a Siberian prison with a gruff ‘n’ hairy guard. Below, check out exclusive outtakes from the shoot.

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A new Priceline commercial featuring Kaley Cuoco was recently released !

#TheNegotiators are in Siberia, where the Priceline Negotiator finds himself in a jail cell watched by the beefy Russian guard, Taktarov. This time #TheNegotiators must rely on priceline.com Express Deals hotel service for a great escape. Find out if their plan works out.

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Kaley discovered Proactiv when she was 16, and it’s been her “miracle productfor achieving beautiful, clear skin ever since! Catch a glimpse of her amazing skin transformation and find out more about why this effervescent actress loves Proactiv for keeping her camera-ready and confident!

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Kaley Cuoco appears in a new priceline.com (PCLN) ad. Check out the spot below!

The Negotiator’s Daughter is on a mission to help travelers find hotels with free breakfast as part of Priceline Express Deals! Don’t you just love those little cereal boxes?

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The Negotiator’s Daughter is at it again, and this time her mission to help travelers find pet friendly hotels with Priceline Express Deals !

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Check out Toyota Super Bowl commercial right now!

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I added somes pictures from Toyota Commercial. The Tv spot release tonight during The Superbowl.