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Busy Day in LA


Kaley and Ryan were spotted getting manicures and pedicures together at a salon in Culver City, California on August 6th.
They looked too cute as they gave each other a welcoming high five.
Then Ryan kicked off his green trainers, snuggled into his high cushioned chair and gave himself in to the whole experience while soaking his feet in warm soapy water.
The 26-year-old tennis player was looking exceptionally sporty in a black baseball cap, white tank top and black shorts.
Both seemed preoccupied with their cell phones but at one point they glanced at each other with satisfied smiles on their faces.
Earlier in the day, the 27-year-old actress went incognito while stepping out for a yoga session with a close gal pal at CorePower Yoga in Studio City.
She sported a hoodie to cover her blonde hair, along with mirrored sunglasses, tight black leggings and a loosely-fitting striped tank top.

The day before, Kaley was photographied grabbing lunch with her new beau Ryan Sweeting in Studio City, Calif. Kaley opted for a particularly unique ensemble, made up of loose-fitting black and white patterned trousers and a matching singlet.
It was a flattering fit for the blonde actress, as she wandered through her lovey-dovey day in casual flip flops.
The actress added a cute floppy hat to the equation and shielded her eyes with dark sunglasses.

Grabbing lunch with Ryan Sweeting in Studio CityAugust 5, 2013
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Leaving a yoga class in Los AngelesAugust 6, 2013
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Getting a Mani-Pedi at the nail salon in Los AngelesAugust 6, 2013
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