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Kaley was out and about on June 3rd, 2013 in Los Angeles, running errands and looking relatively incognito.

She wore a white V-neck T-shirt, comfy black pants with grey spots on them and black loafers.

She also wore a blue denim-colored fedora with her sunglasses to keep her youthful face from catching too much of the June sunshine.
The actress also carried her phone in her hand the whole time, as if she were expecting a call.
After doing a bit of shopping, the pretty blonde television star strolled back to her Rangerover and headed home.
Later, after changing into a striped black and white T-shirt and torn blue jeans, Cuoco took her pet pitbulls out for a walk in her front yard while also talking on her phone.
It’s now a few weeks into some well-deserved downtime for the gorgeous television star, as the finale of the sixth season of The Big Bang Theory aired in mid-May.

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