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05/03/2016   Chalia   2 Comments

Hello. Kaley was spotted kissing her new boyfriend Karl Cook.You can find several pictures in our gallery !

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2 Responses to “Candids- Spotted with new BF”

May 4th, 2016 Otis left a Comment

Kaley,….First I have to say I have never written to an actress before,..believing they live in a different world than I,…But,…

I just saw your empathy & support for the animals that have been beaten or harmed in some way and fell in love with you again…..
Anyone who likes the animals like you do deserves to be loved herself….I donate to more than 1/2 dozen animal support groups ….

Your work in the show Heavens Gate didn’t impress me, but my first ‘fall’ was seeing you in the “Charmed Ones”. I don’t think I missed one of those shows with you in them;..but I didn’t care for your sister in those shows…too much on the dark side.

But then you showed up in 2007 in The Big Bang Theory and I couldn’t miss one of those shows either….For all the education your male counter parts had in that show, they showed very little intelligence in how to communicate socially with other people…..

I wanted to wake up every morning wishing I would see your sleeping smiling face next to me….but no such luck…..
Then you got married and I lost interest,…but, then I heard you were divorcing him,…and my heart jumped up again…So I began watching The Big Bang Theory again hoping to see you, but, some shows gave you little time….Still I watched for your humor and empathy for others….
Then tonight I saw the short ad you hosted for the animals in the Humane Society and my heart is beating again….Well you who live in another world,…just know I admire you….MML an Engineer…

May 8th, 2016 Otis left a Comment

Here is the MML.

If I could play the guitar or piano as well as sing,…then I would sing this to you….

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