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06/18/2015   Chalia   Leave A Comment

Hello ! Kaley was spotted in Sherman Oaks yesterday (June 17). You can find 21 HQ pics now.

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August 24th, 2015 AB 'GEORGE HOWE' 0'NEILL ANONYMOUS left a Comment

From Achillies The King Of Heaven.
To Chaplains A+ Prayer.

Form the courts through the Church to the classroom we are Psychoanalyzed A+ students and all Special Forces and then we would like for the courts to change our grades accordingly. If we live long enough we would like to go to USC, UCLA and then UCI Irvine while writing movies in Hollywoody-La. Teachers have knowing passed easy grades to future Teachers, Deans, people in the Teaching field, Friend’s, Enemies to traumatize them later in life. Good ole’ Teach gave students strait A+ pluses acting like they’re A+ students to further traumatize them later in life. Teachers have messed with grades so bad every student knows if you were on the Teachers correct side you would be given an A+ butt if you were on another correct side you would be given an A+. Whatever side we are on we get by education rule an A+. In teaching all that counts for your grade is the understanding top, bottom line it is just the understanding. We do not need to play that we like you teachers. All that counts for our grades is understanding. What that means is we can be whatever even evil to the teacher and because we understand the class we get the issued grades. In our case the issued psychoanalyzed grade is A+ no matter how chill or villain we are in the classroom or to the teacher. Teach we are coming back through our classes for our psychoanalyzed grades. Teach we do not care what any court ever says until we have our A+ grades. We like the courts to hand mail our grades to USC, UCLA, UCI Irvine if they don’t agree with my judgements not the courts. If you think we are not going to stop coming until we have our new grades of A+ you’re thinking correctly for once. By teaching rule we can give you all troubles, attitudes, disrespects butt because we are psychoanalyzed A+ students you {no matter what you think} by teaching rule you have to give us the A+. Teachers have knowingly brought trauma to each and every student they’ve ever had. I am not on a high rocker butt present day teachers are not paying attention to student’s complaints. Teachers are fighting it out in classrooms to keep the work coming in the classrooms. I purpose all classrooms be taught as “Adult Schools” never giving teachers that power yes I said power to traumatize a single student again. Teach this life time I sat your class out in kindergarten beginning before 1st grade because I realized I would have to fight you every day for my A+ plus grades. So Teach we boyz and now we boyz in the courtz.

We the # 1 fist-fighter in worlds c-ya in the courts.

Ab “George Howe” 0’Neill Anonymous
Genius Physiologist Chaplain
Psychologist Film Military Scientist
Anthropologist Movies Sarcasm

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